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We provide current technology but with old fashioned service: we always have time for you. We like to make working with us enjoyable too. Use us to the extent you need.

  • Your web site or blog

    All types of web sites including responsive (mobile friendly) designs; custom Word Press templates; Blogger templates; e-commerce including shop-integration from 10 products to 10,000; content management systems; site accessibility advice.
  • Creating content

    Web site organisation and structuring; copy editing, copy writing, graphic design, photography, illustration, bespoke cartooning, logo creation and brand packages (on- and off-line).
  • Your communications

    Email and online newsletter writing, sending and list management; members-only site areas and forums and database management.
  • The technical side

    UK and international domain search and registration, parking and DNS management; dedicated or shared web site hosting - Windows or Linux; POP and IMAP email services, list servers and bulk email services, web-based email; anti-virus and anti-spam services.
  • Ongoing development

    Web site content updating and maintenance; search engine optimisation, search engine submissions, Google Adwords campaigns, social media campaigns / communications.
  • All-round support

    We are always happy to help - for all online-life-related advice, training and support. Just get in touch.

We can provide any or all of the above. If you can't see what you want, just ask.


If you're coming to us for a web site, then you can relax and know that it will be an effective way of communicating with your intended audience that will cost you no more than it needs to.

We often think our role can be best summed up by saying our job is to please your visitors on your behalf.

You can be sure that you'll have the benefit of many years web experience working for you. You can relax and know that your site will be professionally and reliably supported for as long as you need it to be. You can be confident that your site will always benefit from first class, well supported technical facilities that are the focus of an ongoing investment and development programme.

And if you're coming to us for anything other than a web site, then you can still relax and know that whatever it is you need us for, it will be provided in a way that is right for you.

We don't have packages or offers that suit us - we provide what our customers actually want and need. Other than a complete web site, the services we regularly provide range from one-off email newsletters to simple domain names and email accounts; from logo designs to major Adword campaigns ...

We like to think we can provide pretty well anything related to web sites, email and the internet in general, and that of course spills over into print-based work too. If we can't do it in-house then we'll know someone who can. We have an extensive network of reliable partners, built up over all our years working in this field.

One important thing: however we're able to help you, whatever we do is accompanied by the kind of nice, old fashioned service that you thought was impossible these days. We have time for you. We are interested in what you are trying to achieve. In fact, we believe that the more we know about you and your goals, the better the job we can do.


We have created hundreds of web sites since we started out - when the web was young!

From garden art to gardeners, schools to sports clubs, local garages to local artists, we enjoy working with businesses and organisations of all types and sizes.

Our customers range from award-winning international designers to designer furniture brands, from computer experts and consultants of all sorts to bespoke furniture and kitchen makers, and that's not to mention charities and a wide variety of retailers - selling online or on the high street. Skin care specialists and bed experts, pubs and parish councils, photographers, legal practices, physiotherapists, personal trainers, importers, exporters and all manner of other businesses: variety makes our work interesting.

Of course, which of these - if any - might be relevant to your needs is going to depend on your intended audience and what you want to achieve.

Contact us to talk over what you're trying to do, and we can point you in the right direction, showing you examples of things you might want to consider.

Below, we maintain links to just a small selection of sites we've been working on recently.


A quick summary ...

The history of Siserone is the history of a small company building slowly but surely over the years, offering the services customers need, as needs arise and as developments become possible. These are just a few milestones - events going on against a backdrop of the steady, incremental development of all our core activities.


As the Internet matures, so the tools people use to interact with it mature too. Increasingly, 'mobile working' - working on tablets, smartphones, netbooks and similar - is a reality that web site design needs to allow for. We have been designing responsive sites, which respond to what they're being viewed with, for some years and it's more-or-less a fundamental requirement now. To not do so is to risk losing your audience - it's that simple.

Together with a site's accessibility across different platforms, another reality of a maturing online life is that it's inevitably getting harder to be noticed and to be remembered online. Good quality and relevant communication - not least in newsletters but also via social media channels - is gaining an increasingly important role in this. Here we can help too - the Siserone team includes BBC-training editors and writers, and a lot of commercial experience too.


It's important to remember that the Internet is still young - and changing all the time, along with its users. Listening both to our customers and the feedback that's coming back about what web users actually want when browsing, the fundamental user-experience has never been more important. As people get more and more used to it, so people are using the web as a tool - nothing more, nothing less. As a result, more and more often our customers' web sites need to keep that in mind above everything else - and so do we as designers.


As a logical consequence of the last couple of years, responsive shopping sites look like being the development focus for this year. We've also developed and improved our - already very good - in-house list server and customer mailing capabilities. As Google's dominance wanes a bit (with Bing winning out in some markets), so our SEO services have responded too, making sure the hitherto 'lesser' search engines are just as well catered for.

2012 - 2013

Responsive web sites - that adapt to the platform they're viewed on - was the big development these years. Online shopping only grew in popularity so we started using two different ecommerce platforms, between them suitable for product ranges ranging from 10 to 10,000, in multiple languages if you're selling internationally, and able to be integrated with your blog if you so wish. And the competition for attention increased (as ever), so we developed a full search engine optimisation service - which has proved very effective.

2010 - 11

Of course, blogging had been in the background for a long time but during these years it became something our business customers were needing too - so we turned our hand to Wordpress and Blogger, including full custom templates. And then 'social media' grew in importance ... and so we responded to calls for help in that sphere too.

2008 - 09

These years saw an emphasis on statistics analysis software for web site traffic as 'web life' became more sophisticated. Private web forums, too, loomed large, as people wanted to network - but within managed, moderated contexts.

2005 - 7

As we grow so we make sure our infrastructure keeps up - these years saw server network upgrades and server-side anti-spam/anti-virus services to help keep the bad guys in check. In response to demand, we also started offering a managed Google Adwords service around this time. In 2007 the technical side of the business moved to a new, bigger, better, faster data centre.

2003 - 4

The importance of communication - our customers needed to communicate to their audiences, and so we got to grips with bulk emailings, newsletters and list management services.

2001 - 2

This was when we moved to our own managed dedicated server network - which means incredible reliability and speed. In effect, we can offer our customers all the advantages of a private server without the costs. We also started to be very active in the charity sphere around this time, with a great deal of emphasis on accessibility.

1995 - 2000

Lost in the mists of time - but interesting times. An era of rapid development - from early arty 'low src' tricks to our first e-commerce sites; from 'early adopter' directories and online magazines to local shop-keepers dipping their toes in 'the internet'. All the very basic nuts and bolts we learned in these years have stood us in good stead ever since. It's hard to remember that August 1991 saw the first ever web page. We weren't quite that early, but we were definitely there since near the beginning!


We were established in 1995 and are pleased to be able to say that many of our very first customers are still with us, and that the vast majority of our new work comes via recommendation. We like to think that all says we're doing something right.

We are proud of the fact that we have never wasted a customer's money. We are just as proud of the fact that we're often able to save our customers money. The more we know about a customer's business, goals and intended audience, the better the service we provide. Everyone is different and we provide what's right - not what happens to suit us.

We view our working relationships as ongoing, long term commitments and that's how it generally turns out.

We are independent, privately owned and not in hoc to a bank, a venture capitalist or anyone else. We have no plans or desire to sell up or sell out. We like what we do, we like our customers and we intend to continue working with them. We are here for the future.

We are not 'corporate' - large, inefficient and anonymous. We are fairly small - we manage some 600+ domains - but deliberately so. That way, we can give a personalised service. But we are also big enough to be professional and dependable, and we are supported by a reliable network of partners and suppliers that we have developed as we have grown.

We are not a 'brand' - all puff and no substance. Working in this sphere is fast moving, challenging and crowded. We started out in 1995. We would not be here after all these years if we couldn't live up to our promises.

We are not falsely cheap. We have seen any number of competitors who are cheaper than us. And we've seen them fail. (Indeed, we've rescued quite a few web sites from 'cheap and cheerless' competitors who've failed.) We are priced fairly and sensibly so that we're a viable business - and so that our customers can depend on us for the future.

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